Print Free, Unprinted PVC pipe for dog agility, patio, greenhouses etc. Wholesale specialty furniture grade PVC fittings, Snap Clamps and supplies. Schedule 40 (Sch.40) and thin wall pipe available. Wholesaler's store has structural PVC pipes with No printing.
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Our utility grade pipe meets the size and thickness standards of schedule-40 PVC water pipe. The pipe contains UV stabilizers which delay sun damage and discoloring. Our unprinted utility grade pipe is an affordable alternative to the high gloss, high price, furniture quality PVC pipe. However, we also offer the furniture quality pipe. Our furniture grade pipe comes in 10ft lengths and our utility pipe comes in 10ft or 20ft lengths. We will cut it down to a UPS shippable size for you (see information below). To buy directly from us you must order in full box quantities. To receive wholesale prices you must purchase a total of 4 boxes (mix or match) of our products. Notice: We take special care to keep our utility grade pipe clean and white but some of the pipe will have scuff marks from handling. Full pallet quantities may require up to an 8-week lead time. Please contact us with your wholesale order.

Furniture quality pipe



Retail Box price Pallet price Ft/Bx Ft/pallet
170 1/4 inch Furniture pipe-white $0.94/ft $0.47/ft $0.40/ft 500 4000
171 1/2 inch Furniture pipe-white $1.07/ft $0.53/ft $0.45/ft 250 4000
171-Black 1/2 inch Furniture pipe-black $1.19/ft $0.59/ft $0.51/ft 250 4000
171-G 1/2" Furniture pipe-Circo GREEN $1.39/ft $0.70/ft $0.59/ft 250 4000
172 3/4 inch Furniture pipe-white $1.35/ft $0.68/ft $0.58/ft 250 4500
172-Black 3/4 inch Furniture pipe-black $1.19/ft $0.76/ft $0.64/ft 250 4500
172-G 3/4" Furniture pipe-Circo GREEN $1.76/ft $0.88/ft $0.75/ft 250 4500
172-TW 3/4" Thinwall Furniture pipe-white $1.03/ft $0.51/ft $0.44/ft 250 4500
For discounted 3/4" Thickwall Furniture pipe in Beige,Taupe, Gray, Black, Blue,& Yellow see our Surplus page.
173 1 inch Furniture pipe-white $1.76/ft $0.88/ft $0.75/ft 100 3200
173-Black 1 inch Furniture pipe-black $1.97/ft $0.98/ft $0.84/ft 100 3200
173-G 1 inch Furniture pipe-Circo GREEN $2.26/ft $1.13/ft $0.96/ft 100 3200
173-TW 1" Thinwall Furniture pipe-white $1.44/ft $0.72/ft $0.61/ft 100 3200
174 1-1/4" Furniture pipe -white $2.17/ft $1.09/ft $0.92/ft 100 2800
174-Gray or Black 1-1/4" Furniture pipe -gray or black $2.42/ft $1.21/ft $1.03/ft 100 2800
174-Yellow#2 1-1/4" Furniture pipe -Yellow#2
 (very close to yellow #3)
$2.83/ft $1.41/ft $1.20/ft 100 2800
174-TW 1-1/4" Thinwall Furniture pipe-white $1.85/ft $0.92/ft $0.78/ft 100 2800
175 1-1/2" Furniture pipe -white $2.79/ft $1.39/ft $1.18/ft 100 2000
For discounted 1-1/2" Thickwall Furniture pipe in Beige,Taupe, Gray & Black see our Surplus page.
175-Black 1-1/2" Furniture pipe -black $3.12/ft $1.56/ft $1.32/ft 100 2000
175-TW 1-1/2" Thinwall Furniture pipe-white $2.75/ft $1.37/ft $1.17/ft 100 2000
176 2" Furniture pipe -white $3.81/ft $1.91/ft $1.62/ft 50 1400


Utility grade pipe



Retail Wholesale
(4+ boxes)
Ft/Bx Ft/pallet
10ft sections
151 1/2" Utility grade pipe     $0.24/ft   3600
152 3/4" Utility grade pipe     $0.35/ft   4000
153 1" Utility grade pipe     $0.51/ft   2800
154 1-1/4" Utility grade pipe     $0.68/ft   2200
155 1-1/2" Utility grade pipe     $0.82/ft   1800
156 2" Utility grade pipe     $1.12/ft   1050



Shipping pipe

Lengths: We cut the 10ft  of pipe to a shippable length which saves our customers considerable cost and headache. Understanding how pipe is shipped will help us help you. The simplest method is to cut a 10ft section in half (minus an inch) for two 59" sections. We can also cut a 10ft section into a 4' and 6' section.

UPS Shipping Charges: UPS adds a $9 surcharge for packages over 60" so we like to cut the pipe at 59". The maximum shippable length with UPS is 108" (9ft).

UPS Hundred-weight discount: If all the boxes in your shipment added together weigh 200 or more then you are billed a discounted flat rate. For example, if we ship four 50 lb boxes (200 lbs.) to Washington state, it will cost about $104.59, or if we ship the same four boxes to Florida, it will cost about $190.35. There is another price break at 500 lbs.



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