Free box of Snap Clamps for schools and educational institutions. Great resource for ag department or classroom gardening projects. Furniture grade PVC pipe fittings and Greenhouse supplies. Free plans.

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Free product grants from: Circo Innovations

Circo Innovations  has a limited number of thinner, slightly misshapen factory seconds, which need to be liquidated. All we ask is that you pay the shipping and a $5.00 handling charge per shipment. You will find a list below of the products that are currently available. Up to 2 boxes per school allowed of A & B (some exceptions with justification). One box of C or D per school.

Note: We are out of 2nds but we will sell regular clamps to schools at a 50% discount off of the retail price.



Problem Pcs/Bx Boxes left Shipping
A. Snap Clamp 4 inch X 1" (very poor quality) Factory 2nds 100 NONE AVAILABLE ____
B. Snap Clamp 4 inch X 3/4" Factory 2nds 200 NONE AVAILABLE  -------
C. Snap Clamp 4 foot X 3/4" Factory 2nds 35 (+-) NONE AVAILABLE  -------
D. Snap Clamp 4 foot X 1" (very poor quality) Factory 2nds 18 (+-) NONE AVAILABLE ____
Please contact us with the following information:  
*School name and department  
*Name of person requesting product  
*Shipping Address  
*Phone number  
*Brief project description  
*Item needed (A or D)  
*Method of paying for shipping  



Circo Innovations, 14910 Meadow Dr., Grass Valley, CA 95945

Ph: 1-877-SNAPPVC, Fax: 1-530-272-1395, Email